Ukrainian Syrniki Cheesecakes / Tvorog Pancakes

Cottage / Farmer's / Quark cheeses are all suitable.

======= INGREDIENTS =======

Cottage cheese       500   g well drained of any whey.
Egg                    1
Sugar                 50   g
Flour (self raising)  60   g for the dough.
Flour (self raising)  30   g for coating before frying.
Dried fruit                  optional extra.
Oil                          for frying.

Mix everything - use the mixture straight away.

Roll into 10 to 12 balls and flatten them into patties.
Coat with flour.
Shallow fry in oil until cooked through and golden.

These are excellent hot and nice cold.

Eat with sour cream, Greek yogurt, any type of jam or just as they come.

======= ALTERNATIVES =======

A more cake-like version contains up to four eggs and 150 grams of flour.

Plain flour (150 grams) can be used but 1 tsp baking soda and 1 tsp vinegar are needed to get a rise.

For gluten free, substitute gluten free flour.